French assessment test

The French language assessment test (TEF) was created by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is an international reference exam valid for two years. It may certify a good language level in a study project in France or for immigration to Canada. TEF is also a requirement for obtaining the naturalization from the French state and Canadian citizenship.

The goal of TEF is to assess the French language skills with the aid of a scale of 7 levels corresponding to the competence levels from A1 to C2 defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) of the Council of Europe and also to the 12 levels of Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB).

The test comprises a maximum of 5 exams

Oral comprehension (CO)

40 min

60 questions

360 points

Reading comprehension (CE)

60 min

50 questions

300 points

Oral expression (EO)

15 min

2 subjects to be covered

450 points

Written Expression (EE)

60 min

2 subjects to be covered

450 points

Vocabulary and Syntax (LS)

30 min

40 questions

240 points

The French language assessment test (TEF) is taken on line at the French Institute of Bucharest.