French proficiency test

The French language proficiency test (TCF) is the language proficiency test of the French Ministry of National Education and it is valid for two years. This test involves an assessment of the general French language proficiency, especially oral and written comprehension and mastering the language structure. It comprises 80 multiple-choice questions. Two optional tests allow the assessment of oral and written expression.

The results of the French language proficiency test (TCF) ensures a viable classification of the candidates on a six-level language skills scale, from “beginner” (A1) to “proficiency” (C2). These levels correspond to those defined by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

There are several types of TCF: TCF DAP for the students who want to attend a university degree program 1, TCF Quebec for those who want to immigrate to Canada, TCF for acquiring French citizenship and residence permit.

The French language proficiency test (TCF) is taken online at the French Institute of Bucharest.